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About Gamaterm Ltd

Gamaterm Ltd offers a wide range of electrical and plumbing services. The company has specialized in the construction and repair of heating installations. We have been successfully operating offices in the EU territory for four years.

Besides standard servicing within the official working day, the company also offers its customers in Prague and Central Bohemia a 24-hour attendance by professional electricians. We have available a stand-by plumber for the repair of water mains and sewers, which includes fixing leakages, replacement of pipes and unclogging toilettes and drains.

Our teams are equipped with professional tools and machines so as to deal quickly and efficiently with the assigned tasks. Being a developing company, we closely follow technologies’ progress and apply the new working methods in our company.

We employ highly trained personnel.

Should you require a professional and on-time assistance related to electrical and plumbing services or heating and boilers, please call Gamaterm Ltd telephones, and our offices will send you in the agreed hour a technician who will solve the problem. We also offer customer consulting.

If you are in need of a professional opinion of a technical official, we will send you a technician for consultation and advice.

When visiting your home, our technician will carefully examine and diagnose your problem, and he will inform you in advance about the required materials and funds for its elimination. As soon as you have consented, we shall sign a written agreement for the arrangement and will start working on the problem.

Gamaterm Ltd takes calls at any time of the day and arrives as quickly as possible. The services provided by us are supported and secured by contracts and protocols.

Before starting any service, we brief our customers on the price, completion time and performance guarantee. Following customer’s approval, we move to signing the contract and performing the service. This provides the customer with tranquility and certainty for the terms, price and quality of the service.

Gamaterm Ltd is aware of the risky moments and customers’ suspicions when a stranger is in their homes. The concern is justified but the company has taken steps to preserve the peace, privacy and comfort of your home.

When you ask for a technician, you will be notified in advance of his name. All Gamaterm Ltd technicians who visit your home have undergone a psychological test and their criminal records have been checked.

The company technicians are obliged to enroll in a training safety course besides the degrees attained during their professional education.

Gamaterm Ltd is serious about the security and safety of its technicians and customers.

Оur services

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Repair of electrical equipment
Installation of appliances
Infrared Thermography
Emergency service